Hand Over Process, President Buhari Resume Office As Nigeria's President

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President who acted as president in stead of the president while he was away on vocation, on Monday briefed President Muhammadu Buhari on some of his activities as acting president.

The president, who had been in London for over a month on sick vacation was updated on national and international issues as it concerns the country, and he (the President) gave specific directives on the way forward.

Osibanjo, after a long close door meeting with Buhari exhaled! “Oh yes! I’m back to my regular position as Vice-President,’’.

“We just had a very long meeting. As you can see we were basically trying to bring the President up to speed on some of the things we have done while he was away‎.

“He has given a few directives on what we should be doing on so many areas, the Northeast, budget, the economy, a wide range of issues.’’

“He’s held a meeting with me for well over an hour now where we discussed a wide range of issues. So, his readiness for work isn’t in doubt at all. As a matter of fact I think he is over ready.

when asked “if the president was impressed with his performance as acting president”?, Osinbajo said President Buhari “was reasonably satisfied’’.

The professor of Law dismissed the assertion that there might be lots of delegation of duties towards him, due to the state of health of the Nigeria president.

In his response, Osibanjo said, “Nothing will be done without the president’s clearance.” stressing that the president has always given him several responsibilities.

“I think what we must recognise is that the way this administration works is that it has always been team work.

“Very little is done without the president’s clearance. “Generally speaking, even with responsibilities that are my constitutional responsibilities, we have full discussions on them, we have full agreements on all of those issues.’’

See photos of President Buhari, FEC and family members upon his arrival on Friday…

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