Huddles That Deprive Fashion Designers from Reaching Full Potentials

Grace Godfrey

The Nigerian Fashion industry has soared beyond imagination within a short period and the changes are tremendous, however there are huddles that constrain its full potential – said Grace Godfrey, the CEO at Grace Godfrey Fashion Design School.

The celebrity style designer said this during a courtesy visit to her fashion institution in Lagos, Nigeria, saying that “Power Supply” and the lack of “Attention to Details” has deprived Nigerian designers of their Global reach.

The fashion coach who has trained a lot of fashion designers both in Nigeria and abroad stated that, detailing is the major reason for which the westerners broke boundaries and left their design marks on the heart of many around the world.

“Detailing has affects everything in Nigeria, I think it’s a culture in Nigeria, there are few designers who take cognisance of this fact and look where they are” said Godfrey

“The world has its standards and you need to meet up with those standards if you want to compete with the world”
“It is part of the culture we imbibe in our students, letting them know that you can’t just design without looking into detailing”

The sole proprietor said that finishing and detailing is one major reason for which Nigerian products are under-patronized, especially in the fashion industry

Referring to designers and tailors in Aba, Abia Sate in Nigeria, “there are good tailors there, but finishing is the problem, when you buy their products, you’ll start noticing that the treads loosen.”

She added that these issues are not common with products from other parts of the world.

Ms Godfrey said that haven discovered this great decadence in the Nigerian Fashion Industry, GGFDS was established after she studied the British standard of fashion to tackle these problems and re-position the fashion imagery and products of the nation

“We did a research and discovered that we mostly practice the ‘free hand pattern cutting’ (Drafting patterns directly on the fabrics) in Africa, especially western part of Africa, which is highly limited, unprofessional due to inaccuracy in measurement” causing mistakes in fitting and interpretation of designs.

“I actually studied British pattern making techniques and I realized that when we teach those pattern techniques here, it’s a bit overwhelming for the students due to all its formulas making it complex to understand and assimilate, it also consumes time and a lot of paper is consumed in drafting patterns, so I decided to do a research which the focus is to eliminate the freehand cutting mistakes and limitations, also to simplify the pattern drafting formulas and calculations, save time and cost consumed in the rigorous, complex method of drafting paper patterns before cutting it out on fabric. Hence the first digital professional pattern making system for fashion designers, which is simple, precise and accurate is generated to bridge the gap.

This unique garment cutting system is developed from years of extensive practical research into pattern making techniques and freehand cutting method. hence we created a new advanced formula and technique, with simple methods used to draft patterns directly unto Fabrics and manipulate darts on(fabric patterns ) no matter how complex the design is, with ease.

This new method is very accurate, simple,fast, versatile,easy and it saves time and money.

The award winning celebrity fashion designer also called on investors to look into setting up a fashion factory, siting that it would enable designers focus on creativity while fashion buyers mass produce.

“Do you know how much it take to set up a fashion factory,” said Godfrey “every designer does not necessarily have to have a fashion outlet, when a designer designs, they take it to the run way and fashion buyers buy these designs to mass produce through a fashion factory”

While speaking to some of the students and alumni, they expressed how much they have been impacted with the cutting edge digital fashion training method.

Mrs Amaka Coker

Mrs Amaka Coker – who joined the Institution in November 2017, told us that she admire the coach for mostly her creativity, her patience, and her willingness to make you comprehend.

Coker also stated that since she joined the institution, she has discovered things that seemed difficult, now seem easy.

“I use to marvel at some creative designs before I joined the Institution, but now, I see them as something I can do, or even with better designs” Coker said

Nehemiah Wal,a’kahgam

Miss Nehemiah Wal,a’kahgam – who has been with the Institution for over three months said she had no knowledge of fashion designing before she joined but now, she can make new and very creative designs, thanks to GGFDS

“I can’t wait to return to Jos to go set up a fashion school there, because there are no fashion competition there

“Lagos is too congested and full of completion, I might stay here for a while but my mission is in Plateau State.” Wal,a’kahgam said

Mrs Julian

Mrs Julian (Alumni)- said the Coach “is a friendly person, coaching students with hands on practicals and assignments,” the student whose focus is on bridals told us that she made a complete bridal dress for a client after her five months training

“One thing that will blow your mind is the attention to details; the creativity and flavor. Being at GGFDS is so much fun and you get every detail in the simplest ways possible”

Julian has already set up her own bridal collection store, with other bridal accessories by other designers
The Cross Rivarian is looking to leave her mark in the bridal scene with her brand on the leaps of many.

Grace Godfrey is an award winning, celebrity fashion designer, fashion entrepreneur, Instructor, writer, artist and the Creative Director/CEO of Cici.Mae (fashion house) and Grace Godfrey fashion Design school.

She is a certified fashion designer with a professional certificate in garment production and diploma in fashion technology; she had her fashion training in Nigeria and abroad.

In 2010,she won TBR best fashion designer of the year Award 2010. Due to her interest in fashion innovations has invented and developed a new (diy)garment pattern cutting method, being the first to introduce a new innovative digital fashion training technology to the fashion industry. She has also trained many fashion students for over 7 years, who has established their own fashion houses.

For over 10 years, Grace Godfrey has designed beautiful ready to wear/haute couture garments for her clients, and has designed red carpet outfits for (AMVCA and other events )for top celebrities like Ivie okujaiye, Funmi Holder of tinsel, Moyo lawal and many others, as well as presenters both in Nigerian/south Africa, she has also styled celebrities for magazines, and has designed and styled costumes for stage plays and movies.

Grace Godfrey was also a contestant at the multichoice fashion protégé TV reality show competition 2013 and was mentored by Mai atafo and Lanre Da silver Ajayi (Nigerian renowned international Fashion designers.

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  1. Well done, so true, if only Nigerian designers can be patient and look into detailing their work, mayb we could be among the world best performers in the world of design coz we’ve got good products

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