LAGOS: Safe Heaven in Broad Day and Dead Trap At Night


This would ordinarily not happen during the broad day light in Lagos, on the third mainland bridge, a Danfo, packed full of youth, with loud music and speedy, possibly hipper driver on the wheel.

In the picture above is young boys on the roof of a Danfo bus heading to the mainland from Ikoyi.


This picture was taken as I was riding with a friend from Ikoyi to the mainland. On Sunday night the 4th January 2014, at about 11:38pm


How can people endanger their lives and that of their loved ones by sitting on a Danfo that has no hook or any platform for one to hold on the roof.

The military officials are human like us, they deserve some rest and lagosians know that security is beefed during the day, instead the carry out their dangerous acts at Late night.

What’s your take on this act?