Nigerian Comedian, Baba K Reveals How He Lost One Leg, See Video

Top Nigerian comedian, Baba K has revealed how he broke his legs during a show in Abuja, the comic act turned his story to joke, although admits its from the heart.

The comedian explained that he’d been a member of a dance group called “The Dancing Bombers” and in his desire to get ovation, he pulled a stunt that saw his legs in different condition and shape.

Baba K admits he envied a fellow dancer, while at an event in Abuja, the dancer whose name was Kola got all the ladies attention and huge sum of cash to follow, in a bid to also attract the opposite gender, he attracted the opposite nature.

The comedian Baba K deed got the ladies attention when he then raised a worship song during his performance at Ajebo Unleashed 3.0 in Lagos.

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