'No Chill Lounge' In Lekki Failed At The Grand Opening


Personalities, Media and Artistes have since been invited to witness the grand opening of “No Chill” lounge in Lekki phase1, Lagos. The social media buzzed for this grand event, highly revered media platforms turned up, and the personalities who turned up was quite unbelievable.

Few of the celebrity artiste who were present at the venue include but not limited to: Vector, Sheyman, Iceburg Slim, Jaywon, Sexy Steel, Mo’Blow, Music Muggles and CEOs. The Event was hosted by Juliet Ibrahim and organized by DJ Zeez and Skuki.

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Oh! What could have gone wrong?

The interior decor is good, the class and taste of standard was epic, but a couple of things ruined the night:

First we believe it was a “grand opening” and Media Organizations are welcome, Artistes are welcome, Bouncers and Security agents are briefed, Djs are ready, the headliners complementary refreshments should be set aside; oops! these was not the case at the opening of “NO CHILL LOUNGE.”

The event which started four hours later than scheduled bounced Shayman for informal representation and had Dj Zeez running after the music art and engineer to appeal for a come back.

The Bouncers also did not get the memo about media agents and their crew, coursing a rift at the entrance of the Club with a producer of a major media organization who the bouncers insisted would not go inside as she was not well represented

Mariam, The E-xtra producer at Nigezie TV arrived the venue at 8:23pm as scheduled, dressed in a mini flower gown and a Nike shoes when the bouncer addressed her as improper for the event, Marian asked the Bouncer what was wrong with her outfit and insisted that she was there to cover the opening as she was invited to work there that night

Mo’Blow and a colleague came out to explained to the Bouncers that he should allow media agents in and the Bouncer would not listen, but allowed only the cinematograpers

“They latter came to ask for one thousand naira from me” Mariam said

Amidst all that has gone wrong already, we also believe that it was a grand opening and guests and organizers are aware that media and camera will be covering the event, “interior and exterior”, it was however reported that camera men were restricted from covering sections of the club, where most guests threatened to destroy cameras if brought around them,

A cinematographer lamented “Ordinarily, Cameras don’t go to club except on grand openings like this, then, why did I leave my house if am not allowed to cover the event?”

The loud music electrified the house and almost set the roof on fire till the sudden change of DJ, whose collection of song where ridiculously mixed to no dance steps, as he mixed songs from 2003 to 2016 randomly.

At such event where no one is willing to talk more on there laxity, Dj Zeez told Mariam of Nigezie TV and Plant TV Official that he would try and rectify things regarding coverage restrictions and security embarrassment,


“People where paid to take care of the media, cater for coverage restrictions and more, but as it turned out, they are not leaving up to expectations.” Dj Zeez said

He added that he was going to call Steven Nator of Planet TV who couldn’t continue staying but went into his car.

While ease-dropping, we heard the organizers lamenting on the downturn of the evening and how they managed to over come the challenges

Spoken in Peagon, “Did you know how many people are mad at me, I had to award another two bottle of complementary drink for Juliet Ibrahim’s table because she was already getting agitated” Dj Zeez told Skuki, Mo’Blow and two other members.

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