Young Couple Died Three Months After Wedding In Auto Crash

A young Nigerian couple have been reported dead after being married for just three months. The couple who had their trad and white wedding in November 2017 died on Friday in a car crash.

The deceased couple was reported to have gone for another weding ceremony in Delta State after which they met their demise in the auto crash.

Ehimen Shadrach Ifijeh (husband) and Jochebed Ehimen Ifijeh (wife)
Ehimen Shadrach Ifijeh and Jochebed Ehimen Ifijeh

Survived by many friends, most of them took to social media to shear the painful exit:


Ehimen Shadrach Ifijeh (husband) and Jochebed Ehimen Ifijeh (wife): successful young couple in their mid 20s who wedded just 2 months ago in November 2017 have died via a car accident in Delta state on their way back from a wedding ceremony.

Shadrach is said to be an Engineer from Benin Cit in Edo state and Jochebed studied community development is a beautician from Abia state.

Another friend wrote;

Ehimen Shadrach Ifijeh and Jochebed Ehimen Ifijeh
Ehimen Shadrach Ifijeh and wife (Deceased)

What happened??
How did it happen??
Why would it happen now??
Ooooooh Jochebed EhimenIfijeh😭😭😭
I got to know you in September,we became close,you ended your service in October and married your sweetness in November and now your Death???Barely 3mnths😭😭😭😭😭😭
My hands are shaky…How can this happen??
I have cried my eyes out for the past 5hrs…
Aaaaah!!..The devil played a fast one.
This got me thinking too,it could be me!
This wicked world we live in…
Vanity upon Vanity…
I draw strength from you lord.
Give both families the fortitude to bear this HUGE pain.Kai😭😭😭😭#JochebedEhimenIfijeh
Adieu Mr and Mrs Ifijeh.

More condolence

Deep breaths, when I heard the news on Friday I prayed and cried for it not to be real, infact that night I dreamt that you guys were in the hospital and were receiving treatment. So I woke up with a soothing feeling that the news wouldn’t be true, kept checking facebook to see if anyone had posted anything but no1 did, another relief came.
But then it became so true when I started seeing posts. Ha!! Death where is thy sting? Jochebed Ehimen Ifijeh if this hurts me that didn’t know you so closely, then how is it for people who knew you so well? I’ve asked God so many whys and finally He let me say it is well. The friendship you and hubby exuded was enviable, your smile was contagious, you were adorable and encouraging. Rest well Dearies, you both are greatly missed.

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