Jason Porshe’s Bond Crew in New Collection Sneak Peek

Alexx Ekubo, Beverly Osu, Ik Ogbonna, and others are Jason Porshe’s Bond Crew in New Collection Sneak Peek!


The Bond show:

Nigerian menswear design house, Jason Porshe is taking on a suave vibe with their latest collection for Spring/Summer 2016 titled “Bella Vista“. The collection has been inspired by Italian menswear suits and the fashionable way they rock their pieces, which has had a lasting positive impact on menswear today.

Nigerian celebs – Ik Ogbonna, Alexx Ekubo, Beverly Osu and 2 more models have been featured to bring the pieces to life and look great in black and white against the red backdrop.

“But standing out, being bold, different and fashionable is the niche of the Jason Porshe brand, so our sole aim is to infuse colors and prints as always into the new generation!“ The brand,

This unisex collection’s ad campaign was created by the brand’s fashion stylist, Ifeanyi Nwune who seeks to portray class and luxury.

Check out a sneak peek.




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