Leaked Nude Photos Of Angelina Jolie At 20 selling For £1800


A rare black and white photographs of naked Hollywood sensational actress, Angelina Jolie, at age 20 has gone on sale at a London gallery for £1800.

The set of black and white images taken by photographer, Kate Garner in 1995, have gone on sale at London’s Zebra One Gallery.

We wonder how the actress, who just returned to the movie scene with husband, Brad Pitt after a long vacation, will handle it.

Especially with all the speculations surrounding the actress’ health, when the tabloid reports that: ”Jolie refuses to eat and has deteriorated to a mere 83 pounds. Her condition is so grave husband Brad Pitt and their six children fear she will be dead within a few years.


The tabloid went on to say that a number of doctors claim that various medical problems can be associated with having lost a lot of weight and muscle. Even though not one of the doctors speaks specifically about Jolie.

Their insides sources also say ‘‘Angie is driving herself to an early grave” and “She looks like a walking corpse.”

After noting how Jolie had a double mastectomy in 2013, the tabloid adds without a shred of proof that the actress may still face a cancer battle. A second source tells the publication: ”Angie seems to be flirting with death and friends worry that she could have as little as two years left to live.”


Despite the heartbreaking reports, GossipCop.com on August 12 reported that the whole story is a collection of sensationalized quotes from seemingly unreliable sources, as well as doctors who have never examined Jolie. Adding that there’s not one bit of concrete evidence that suggests the Oscar winner is on the verge of death. ”It’s just vile tabloid conjecture masquerading as reporting”.


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