Tinubu Stroke Sariki about Assets Declaration


The former Governor of Lagos state, and All Progressives Congress(APC) National leaders admonished politicians to earn the trust of the electorate and that of the populace.

Speaking at the Eid-il-Kabir celebration at Dodan Barracks praying ground on 24th Sept, Tinubu said “It is part of nation’s development. We cannot overlook a lot of things. And we cannot personalise a lot of things as if it was vendetta. We have to endure and be patient as we look for justice, equity and a balanced society.”

Adding that “Government officials are no longer believed by the citizens. When one has a public responsibility, the citizens look at it as if the source of wealth to steal and mismanage public funds and do things not included in the democratic norms and values.

We have to live by example and by our words. We can’t be talking about it alone. We have to work it without any iota of blackmail.”

It is not what I haven’t personally experienced.”

I have been through it. The second week I left office, I was invited by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. I went there and answered their questions. Later, I took them to court and I won.

Some years back, after they discovered that my asset declaration had some questions, they claim. It is only then I accused the government of being selective.”


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