Paul Walker’s Daughter Sue Porsche Carrera GT For His Death


The daughter to the deceased member of the Fast and Furious franchise late Paul Walker, filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages for defects that her lawyers claim kept the actor trapped in the Porsche Carrera GT when it burst into flames in November 2013.

Paul had gone for a break from filming the seventh film in the “Fast & Furious” franchise when he got involved in the crash. He was riding in the Carrera GT driven by friend and business associate Roger Rodas when the car burst into flames, hit three trees on a street in Santa Clarita, California.

The wrongful-death suit by Meadow Walker claims the car, which was marketed as a street-legal race car, lacked a proper stability control system and safeguards to protect occupants and keep it from flaming up after a collision.

Absent these defects in the Porsche Carrera GT, Paul Walker would be alive today,” the lawsuit stated.

The 18-page lawsuit includes a detailed recounting of the crash and claims that the Porsche was traveling 63 to 71 mph (101 to 114 kph) when it spun out of control, while investigators concluded the Porsche was going much faster – up to 94 mph (151 kph) – when it crashed.

The investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol concluded that it was unsafe speed and not mechanical problems that caused the crash. That investigation was aided by engineers from Porsche, who evaluated the wreckage of the rare car.

Meadow Walker’s lawsuit contends Porsche didn’t include a stability control system in the Carrera GT model Rodas was driving but includes it in other models. It also claims the car lacked proper reinforcements in its doors and used rubber fuel lines that didn’t break free to prevent a fire in a crash.

Similar allegations of design and safety defects were included in a wrongful death lawsuit by Rodas’ widow, Kristine Rodas, that remains pending in a federal court in Los Angeles. Rodas was trained as a race car driver and was only driving 55 mph (89 kph), according to his wife’s lawsuit. He left behind two young children when he died.

Paul Walker, the star of the “Fast & Furious” film franchise, co-owned an auto racing team with Rodas named Always Evolving. Meadow Walker, 16, is the sole heir of Paul Walker’s estate.

Walker’s two brothers helped complete action scenes in “Furious 7,” which earned more than $1.5 billion globally after it was released in April


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