IK Ogbonna Acquire A New Rang Rover As Holiday Present


If all the gifts ever sheared where wrapped, we probably will still be roving in circles and eventually become unappreciative.

well, IK Ogbonna, Ace Nollywood actor and Coke ambassador got himself and his family a Range Rover SUV as a holiday present and his wife has this to say when she posted the picture of the car on her Instagram page


“It’s not like you can wrap up all the Christmas gifts, Y’all didn’t need to believe in us, but we believed in each other even when times were very tough, we held on each other’s potential, hard work and hella strong faith ,and it’s all that matters.
Together,we slay. Now and forever. When money wasn’t there, we still had love, respect and mad loyalty for each other. I didn’t need to see a one naira to know that I married a billionaire. A king. I saw it in him and i made him start seeing himself the same way i did. With the right person by your side, nothing you can’t do.


Always believe in that one person you love. Encourage. Support. Love. Speak positivity and life into them. You have power in you,you will see how your lives will change for better! Don’t bully,compare,nag,complain. It won’t work. And you guys,love your lady. Cherish her. Be loyal and faithful. Appreciate. She will do magic for you. Trust me.
Now I can confidently tell you that is possible and available. Everything you ever dreamed of. But you have to choose Love first and make it your priority.
Because God loves Love and He will always make it happen.
she wrote as the caption of the picture.


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