Pastor Taiwo Odukoya Unveiles Official Biography Of Late Bimbo Odukoya


Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has unveiled the first official biography of late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who died in the Sosoliso plane crash in 2005.

The book titled “Glorious Legacy: The Life and Times of Bimbo Odukoya‘, chronicles details of the beloved woman of God from birth to courtship, marriage and the launching into ministry.


About the book:

“It’s been ten years since we lost ‘Bimbo in the Sosoliso plane crash. And among other things, it has been my desire to ensure that as many people as possible are infected with the same passion and enthusiasm ‘Bimbo carried all through life. This is why I am particularly excited to present to you the first official biography her life titled ‘Glorious Legacy-The Life and Times of ‘Bimbo Odukoya. It chronicles details of ‘Bimbo behind the spotlight.

Right from birth, to the period we courted, got married and launched into ministry. In it’s pages, you will learn what inspired her, the values she esteemed, and the passion through which she was able to become all that God destined for her. More than that, you will also read real life stories of people whose lives she impacted. Don’t just get it just for yourself. Gift it to someone around you. You can place an order online and have it delivered at your doorstop”


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