5S0S and One Direction Fans unite


5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction fans emerge to counter the hashtag #5SOSisDeadParty since it started trending.

The hashtag is believed to have been started by Fifth Harmony fans, some of who are enjoying the backlash 5SOS have received for their Rolling Stone interview.

Yesterday extracts from the chat with the boys – Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford – were released online and fans were left shocked by some of the comments, in particular those about sleeping with female fans.

However in response to the trend, the fandoms have united to fight back and support the band.

They seem to have taken particular offence to some Fifth Harmony fans – known as harmonisers – who have brought up Ashton’s self harming history and his dad leaving.

supporter comment: “#5SOSIsDeadParty Harmonizers bringing up Ashton’s past but can they bring up 5harmony’s future?”
“It pisses me off that people joke about self harming and ashton’s dad. that’s not something to joke about. grow tf up. #5SOSIsDeadParty.”

The 5SOS fans also took to Twitter to thank One Direction (1D) fans in there thousands for their help.

“When u know Directioners and 5sosfam will always support each other,” another twitter user wrote.

yet, someone wrote: “When 5H tries to bring 5sos down.But they forgot that fandoms that sticks together,SLAY together! #5SOSIsDeadParty.”

The guitarist appeared to hit out at the piece as he claimed that their fans are the reason the band exists.

The excerpt reads: “Hemming says they took full advantage of the attention. They were wildest on their easy tours, when they’d go to bars to mingle with fans after shows.

“‘When you put 4 young dudes on a tour bus, playing theaters, then arenas, you’re going to have sex with a lot of girls, I guess, says Hemmings. ‘We had a good time.’ Multiple girls in one night? ‘Feel like I shouldn’t say’ he says with a smirk. ‘You could say the possibility of this is high… the possibilities are endless.’”

“It had actually happened awhile beforehand- he could tell from his lack of tattoos. ‘It was kind of a blessing in a way, because nothing that bad could actually happen to me again’, he says, smoking on the porch at the bands house. ‘If another photo of my d*** came out, it will just be, like, ‘Oh! It’s his d*** again’, !” the section reads.

Calum continues talking about sex – adding: “Now, I’m just working on sex tape. I’ll call Pamela up, like ‘Hey, it’s been awhile. We really need to hype this band up!”

Is alright for the Band to sleeping with girls on tour? – your call


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