5SOS Tried to Remedy The Twitter Conflict With Justin Bieber

Five Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford tries to remedy the twitter conflict between the Australian pup punk boy band stars (5SOS), and another pop sensation Justin Bieber by reaching out in a solemn tweet.

The guitarist apologized to Bieber over their comment about the hatred by the pup punk group. Clifford revealed his opinion about Bieber in their “Rolling Stone” interview two days ago.

Clifford who rescinded his statement with a tweet after Bieber defended himself via twitter. Clifford alleged him of not recognizing them during his after party which didn’t go down well with the group.

Check Out Bieber”s Tweet Responds

Biebs tweeted, “Sorry guy. Don’t hate you. Don’t even know u. Are u sure u came to our party because my album wasn’t on a loop? Strange”.

Clifford took this calmly and replied the pop star: Done nothing but praise your album; no idea why that’s even in the article. Big fan since the start man, take care”.


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