Photos: ‘The Takeover Game’ At The Lagos Gidi Festival 2016


THE TAKEOVER Game is an element of Heineken’s ‘Live Your Music’ campaign, a celebration of music experiences that make people feel more in control and alive.

Experiences tailored at giving passionate music lovers and ‘livers’ the opportunity to live the power of their music in more accessible and affordable ways.

The session allows festival goers to ‘takeover’ from the music DJ and control playlists through customized wristbands available at the Heineken® stand. THE TAKEOVER also allows music lovers to enjoy a variety of unique music genres such as Pop, Jazz, Afro pop, R&B and more.

Develope your ‘Takeoverplaylist here.

Heineken® leads in music and technology innovation, this is evident in the launch of the Heineken® Ignite Bottle – a smart bottle that interacts over music beats to create a more ‘connected’ party experience.

The introduction of‎ THE TAKEOVER‎ validates Heineken’s commitment to provide unique and exclusive experiences for their music-loving consumers.



Showcase your music knowledge by creating your customized ‘takeover’ playlist here. Using the hashtags: #HeinekenGidiFest and #LiveYourMusic. lovers of music had the privilege of also contributing to the songs on THE TAKEOVER playlist.

This is a feature by Heinieken.


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