Crime: A 24 Years Old Lady Apprehended with Wrapped Cocaine At The Lagos Airport


Operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and the Anti Trafficking Agency of Nigeria have discovered 193 wraps of cocaine wrapped in a candy park, weighing 3.230kg on a female passenger named Igbinoba Uche Rose.

Rose who flew in from Dubai with the contraband was intercepted on the May 2, at the arrival hall during the interior screening of passengers, the large boxes of candy park was found in one of her luggage.

When interogated, the light skinned girl told officials that she worked as a clerical staff, before she met a man who promise to enhance her life’s carrier by paying her a sum of five hundred thousand naira (#500,000), “I suffered hardship in life, I couldn’t even further my education but one man offered to assist me with half a million so that I can establish my personal business, that’s how I got myself in to this problem.”


The NDLEA commander at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Mr Ahmedu Garba said a suspected member of the drug cartel, Ofor Kamsochukwu Chimezie was traced and have also been apprehended

Garba reaffirms that no trafficker will escape their wrath “we are working hard to perfect the practice of aggressive follow up on every case from the first to the last person behind every case of drug trafficking.

Drug Barons shall have no escape route. This way, drug trafficking will either be drastically reduced or completely eliminated from our society.”

Chairman/ Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah have also said that traffickers should desist from the unlawful act. “Drug criminals should shun their unlawful act because the agency has perfected strategies to detect narcotics notwithstanding how cleverly they were concealed.



Recent drug seizures at the airport on April 17, reflects the reformation of the Agency as an intelligence led organization. “We are determined to trace and follow up all major traffickers behind the scene and prosecute the barons” he added

Mitchell Ofoyeju, Anti Narcotic officials 24 years old from Dubai, a suspected member of the cartel was also areested along


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