5 Survived the Umuahia – Okigwe Accident on Sunday


A few days ago, We posted an accident that happened in Okigwe-Umuahai express road, where a “Peace Mass Transit” bus ran into a heavy duty truck, a source told us that five people survived the accident, though some are still in coma, we hope they will survive.

Read – Breaking News: A Commercial Vehicle Crash Into A Heavy Duty Truck In Umuahia Okigwe Express Road

One of the survivor’s name is Ada Joy, as you can see the picture above, she took the picture just before she boarded the bus and she is presently in coma at an undisclosed hospital.

According to our source, “Her name is Ada Joy. She was one of the victims in the Abia accident, and was among the 5 survivors. Ada is presently in coma and we need your prayers to bring her back. You can see the picture of her on the ground (right). She is still wearing the same clothes”.

Tony Erondu

Tony Erondu

Also one of the victims of the accident was Tony Erondu, He however did not make it out of the terrible incident on Sunday.


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