Gaz Beadle Restrained Holly Hagan From A Rift Deformation


It Appears that Holly Hagan has been through a lot of process with the housemates from the TV series “Geordie Shore” when she argued with co-stars about infidelity at Magaluf on Monday Night.

Holly in her anger expressed her feelings in a fowl language after accusing everyone present of not confiding in her about the affairs of her ex, Kyle Christie and Chantelle Connelly

It begins as Holly jumps out of the group’s taxi, and runs to sit on a bench crying – with Gaz following and hugging her while she cries on to his shoulder.

“I’ve just heard that she’s been f***ing and sh***ing my ex!” She screams out, before breaking down in loud sobs.

She soon pushes Gaz away and screams: “I f***ing hate you. Don’t ever speak to me again.”

“Don’t you DARE come near me,” she continues as Gaz attempts to comfort her.

However, while Holly continues to scream at him, it seems he’s been caught in the middle of another drama this time, as she then accuses someone off camera of sleeping with her ex.

As her co-stars continue to rally round, she accuses each of them of knowing about the alleged romance and not telling her.

When Gaz try to hold her, she shouts: “Don’t you f***ing come near me,” before adding: “You’re as bad as him.”

Fans took to twitter to express how they felt after seeing the footage and they had opinion…

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