Lavish Spending As Amber And Khalifa Celebrates Successful Divorce

Amber Rose joined Wiz Khalifa at a strip club to celebrate the conclusion of their divorce.

The couple celebrated the peaceful end of an acrimonious split by hitting up a strip club where they lavished money on scantily clad dancers.

Amber also took to Twitter to express her satisfaction at the outcome of their divorce in which she received $1 million as stipulated in the couple’s prenup along with $14,800-a-month in child support for Sebastian, her three-year-old son with Wiz.
The pair agreed to share legal and physical custody of their child,TMZ reported.

Wiz got to keep a five-bedroom, four-bath home on 2.8 acres of wooded property in Pennsylvania and 10 cars, including a Porsche, a 1968 Camaro and a 1969 Chevelle.

The buzz-haired blonde, 32, was wearing a clingy white top and white-framed shades with diamond studs in her ears.

Wiz, 28, looked festive in a pink animal print button-down shirt with lots of bling sparkling around his neck, wrists and on his hands.

The rapper, who wore real cool shades, was grinned as he threw cash at the dancers.

According to TMZ, Amber already got $356,000 from Wiz and will likely get the remaining $644,000 soon.

The couple married on June 8, 2013 but Amber filed for divorce on September 22, 2014, citing irreconcilable differences.

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