Aisha Buhari – Politicians are Spoiling my Name


Aisha Buhari, the individual whose name and passport is being paraded as the bribe giver in the Haliburton Scandal has denied involvement in the matter.

Miss Buhari broke her silence on the allegation of her involvement in the Halliburton bribery scandal, stressed that though she shares the same name with the wife of the president of Nigeria, Mrs Aisha Buhari, she’s neither the person referred to in the bribery scandal by the Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose nor by the ex-EFCC boss, Ibrahim Lamorde.Ms-aisha-buhari

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Miss Buhari cried out that involving her name in the scandal for political reasons were not only malicious but wicked.

“This is like pouring water on a sleeping person. I have never done anything with Halliburton, I don’t know the colour of the company. I am not in the line of business with Halliburton, so linking me with the bribery is wicked”, Ms Buhari allegedly told newsmen.

She continued, “They are desperate to cover their dirty track and link my name with the scandal that they have to first of all steal my passport. My passport was stolen early this year. And to give credibility to their story, details from the passport were used. They should come to the US, to find out If they are curious about the case.

“If somebody commits crime in the US, he or she must face trial. Have you heard I am being tried in the US? Let them stop this malicious allegation against me that they do not have proof of, I hate people who do not cross check facts before talking, they should find out in the US the kind of person I am because I belong to organisations there.

“If they think they are politician and can break the law and go free, they should realise that nobody is above the laws of a country including me,”, she disclosed.


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