Biafra Cannot Be Defeated – Wole Soyinka


Nobel Lorette, professor Wole Soyinka has emphasize the need for the country’s leadership to approach the agitations for Biafra in a more diplomatic way.

The Noble Laurette said that every ethnic group exercise an authority and should be made to feel like a part of the country, stressing that a good dialog is a profound way to resolve conflicts. he said this during an interview on a channels television’ program “The book club”.

Soyinka reminded Nigerians that he had written in an article during the war that “Biafra cannot be defeated” hence the idea has pre-occupied the subconscious of the Biafrans.

“People miss understood what I was saying, I am saying that once an idea has taken Hold, you cannot destroy that idea, you may destroy the carriers of that idea on the battle field, but ultimately it’s not the end of the story.”

The professor who has maintained his white hair and beard advice the sovereign nation of Nigeria and the governing authorities to desist from using aggravating languages but use a more concerned means to reach out to the people of Biafra

“So lets not take this position of ‘don’t even talk it, under my watch, this will never happen’, don’t say things like that”.

“Go into that environment and ask ‘what is it that we can do to make you content, to make you habitable, make you feel part of this entity?’, give advantages of staying, listen to some other biafrans and ask them why they want to stay”

“This is what we are ready to push as the overall governance authority in this area, but don’t go around saying the sovereignty of this nation is indivisible its not negotiable all that kind of language only makes matters worse.”


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