Ikorodu Saga: Military Men Ambush Militants At A Riverside, Killed About 40 Of them


Agric and Elepete area of Ikorodu, an area that shears boundary between Lagos and Ogun state has reportedly been under attack by a group of militants who set out for a reprisal against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) last week Monday.

The attack has claimed over 50 innocent lives in the area and left many, including Landlords homeless, as they sort refuge among friends and family across Lagos and other neighboring states.


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A resent report reaching us states that the Nigerian Army has allegedly killed about 40 Militants in the area, after an ambush was laid to apprehend the culprits near a river side at Ikorodu.

It was also reported that few Ijaw boys who were part of the group escaped the wrath of the Military men, their escape is presumed to still keep the community in vulnerability.

The Lagos and Ogun State government has assured the populace of constant peace as the menace will be brought under control.


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