Gene Wilder, Star Of ‘Willy Wonka’ And ‘Young Frankenstein’ Dies At 83


Blue-eyed actor, Jerome Silberman, better known as Gene Wilder, who was best known for his roles in Hollywood classics ‘Young Frankenstein’, ‘Stir Crazy’,‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ among others, has died.

He died early Monday morning in Stamford, Connecticut from complications arising from Alzheimer’s disease. His family has also confirmed the news. according to statements issued by his lawyer

Gene Wilder established himself as one of America’s foremost comic actors with his delightfully neurotic performances in the above mentioned three films directed by Mel Brooks.

Wilder is most fondly remembered as the captivating candy man and “Pure Imagination” crooner of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Some of his other classic works include ‘Blazing Saddles’, helmed by Brooks and co-written by Brooks and Pryor, and ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ which are among Wilder’s roughly three dozen TV and film credits.

He was twice nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor for ‘The Producers’ and in the screenplay category for ‘Young Frankenstein’.

Wilder was previously married to Saturday Night Live star Gilda Radner, and in the wake of her death in 1989, he became a leading proponent of ovarian cancer screening and research. He’s survived by his fourth wife, Karen Webb.

Gene Wilde was born Jerome Silberman on June 11, 1933, in Millau keep, and became a comic actor for a tragic reason: His mother suffered from heart disease, and since it was feared stress would kill her, laughter was demanded.


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