Canada Urges Restraint And Respect For Human Rights In Ethiopia

OTTAWA, Canada, October 13

Stéphane Dion speaks at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa

Stéphane Dion speaks at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa

The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Maurice Dion, Canadian politician who has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet headed by Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement:

“Following Ethiopia’s October 8 declaration of a six-month state of emergency, Canada urges Ethiopian security forces to exercise restraint and to respect all fundamental rights and freedoms.

“Canada believes that the opening session of Ethiopia’s parliament on October 10 provides a pathway for an inclusive dialogue to address the concerns of citizens, including those of youth who comprise an important segment of Ethiopian society.

“It is our hope that this dialogue will lead to a comprehensive set of reforms that strengthens democracy and generates increased opportunities for Ethiopians.

“We urge all stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment to peaceful civic engagement and we believe strongly that inclusive dialogue is the best way forward.

“Canada will continue to follow developments in Ethiopia closely.”

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs Canada


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