Treats And Abomination Occurred Before The Inaugural Coronation Of Tor Tiv


A certain man did the strange and abominable act when he sat on the stool prepared for the coronation of the 5th Tor Tiv, Prof. James Ayatse on Saturday at the JS Tarka Stadium in Gboko.

The man identified as Sam Nyitse had outsmarted security men at the Gboko Stadium, to sit on the stool
Sam Nyitse told his interrogators that he was prompted by God to cleanse the stool for the new king.

“I sat on the stool in order to cleanse it and make it comfortable for the incoming Tor Tiv,”
he said.

Retired Brig.-Gen. Atom Kpera, the Chairman, Central Planning Committee for the coronation, who was present at the scene, ordered security men to punish Nyitse.

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Officials, however, said they would investigate Nyitse’s motive.

Some dignitaries at the scene described his action as “strange and abominable.”

Meanwhile security men blocked all the roads leading to Gboko stadium. Dignitaries were conveyed to the venue in buses.

See pictures of dignitaries at ceremony below…

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