Special Adviser To President Trump, Sebastian Gorka Evacuates White House

Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka, a former counter-terrorism analyst for Fox News who recently joined the Donald Trump led administration as a counter-terrorism adviser, will be leaving the White House in the coming days.

A senior administration officials at the White House said Gorka had initially been hired to play a key role on the Strategic Initiatives Group, an advisory panel created by Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon to run parallel to the National Security Council.

Although, that group fizzled out in the early months of the administration, yet Gorka was unable to get clearance for the National Security Council after he was charged last year with carrying a weapon at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

The official spoke anonymously to discuss private personnel matters. Attempts to reach Gorka by email for comment were not immediately successful.

Michael Flynn and Sebastian Gorka share a couple of things. Both men are rabidly anti-Islam, and both seem to have been insufficiently vetted by the White House.

Flynn, of course, was the national security adviser pushed out after barely three weeks for lying to the vice president about his contacts with Russia.

Gorka is a top terrorism adviser to Trump; like Flynn, he has a long record of militant attitudes toward Islam, and like Flynn, his foreign ties are now coming under serious scrutiny.


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