Inside The Release of 82 Chibok Girls, FG Paid €2m As Ransom

The release of 82 Chibok Girls as reported here about two weeks ago before President Buhari left the nation for medications could not have come through without a proper funding.

Now lets reason:

The Boko Haram Sect, are now an organization secretly funded by influential and powerful people, with the aim of milking out reasonable funds/returns from government. (Like a book said: “War’s Good Business” for the wicked)

Many families in Nigeria cried, morn their children even when they were alive

Many in Nigeria still believe that Chibok girls are a facade for political jamboree, however, it was propagated by the sect and the world believed it, I’d like to remind you that they kidnapped the school girls since April 2014, and these girls were supposedly catered for (though not adequately) but I can assure you that they fed at least ones a day.

From the pictures released as at the time of their kidnap, most of them were really young, and judging by the recent photo released upon their arrival, (though we can’t match faces), they are grown and have formed into ladies with attractions from the opposite sex.

Reports have also repeatedly been published for some of them who have put to birth due to sexual violation by members of the sect.

Many families in Nigeria cried, morn their children even when they were alive, many NGOs carried placard for campaign, and that empowered the sect, haven touched the soul of the beautiful and peaceful nation, Nigeria.

Now, how can the Nigerian Government have won a negotiation to just the release of five Boko Haram members who were captured, without monetary exchange in foreign currency? okey o!

A report by BBC on the matter disclosed that the federal government allegedly paid €2m together with the release of five Boko Haram bomb-makers.

The report stated that the account of the source who made the revelation could not be verified as at the time of publishing

According to the source, “It should have happened sooner, but the president was hesitating about freeing the five – and especially about the money.”

The source adds that persuading President Buhari was “very, very difficult. It was the most difficult part of the whole negotiation. He didn’t want to pay any money.”

“The ransom was two million euros. Boko Haram asked for euros. They chose the suspects and they gave us the list of girls who would be freed,” the source said.

The report stated that the negotiation was facilitated by Senator Shehu Sani (APC – Kaduna Central), who, together with a human rights lawyer Zanna Mustapha established a link of communication with the terrorists.

Mustapha, who had grown up with some senior members of Boko Haram in Maiduguri, did not join the group.

He had also represented some of them at trial and retained close contact with the leadership.

Zanna Mustapha agreed to join the negotiations, and was to become the key middleman in the release of the first 21 Chibok girls in October 2016, and then the second group of 82. He was the man on the spot when the girls were handed over, BBC reported.

The European Union was said that have refused to act as mediator during negotiation, but The Swiss government offered to step in.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was also involved in the exchange, but only in the logistics aspects – helping to transfer the girls to safety.

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