Crime: German Lady Chopped Off Boyfriends Head During Sex

A German lady, Gabriele P 32yr has been themed a murderer after she tied her lover to a bed during crazy sex and killed him with a circular saw.

Gabriel will serve a jail term of 12 years and six months for manslaughter, although her prosecutors had wanted her to be imprisoned for life, but lawyers were able to get off with a relatively light sentence as .

Prosecutors heard how Gabriele and her lover Alex H decided to try something kinky while having sex at their student flat in Munich. Alex who was 28 at the time put on diving goggles covered with masking tape which prevented him from seeing anything.

He then allegedly asked her to tie him up, she obliged then reached for the saw which she used to kill him and then slice off his head. The murder which took place in 2008 was made known after an acquaintance of the suspect heard about the incident and alerted the police.

Police say Gabriele imprisoned Alexander in the loft of the home they shared when she was ‘tired’ of him in 2008.

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In the nine years they had been together literature student Alexander and trainee teacher Gabriele threw wild sex parties in the house she had inherited from her grandmother.

After killing him, she and her new lover Christian K., 33, cut him up and wrapped the body parts in plastic and buried him in the garden of the house. Prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch said:

“She wanted to be rid of him. We assume the man was in a state where he could not defend himself and where he could not know that he would be killed with a circular saw.”

Police reported shortly after the chainsaw killing, Gabriele called Thea E., now 62, the mother of her murdered lover, claiming he had ‘gone off to Rumania with another girl.’

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Thea said:

“I remember her laughing down the telephone and I spent the last years looking for him there.”

Police got wind of the gruesome murder after Christian had too many drink at a party and spilled the beans on what really happened. Party goers who heard his tale went to the police with the story and the house was raided in January this year. The dismembered body was dug up – but only bones remained. Experts in forensic science were able to determine that the victim had been cut up alive with the saw.

Gabriele claimed at her murder trial that she was in an abusive relationship. Her lawyer said:

“The relationship was very difficult. My client could not see any way out.”

Christian K. has already been jailed for two years and eight months for his role in disposing of the body.

“I did it out of love for Gabriele,’ he told the court at his sentencing six months ago.”

Gabi P. admitted the killing saying she lived in fear of her partner.

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