President Trump Urged All Leaders In The Middle East To Lead The Fight Against Islamic Extremism

US President Donald Trump gave a major speech in Saudi Arabia urging the leaders of Muslim nations to take the lead in combating Islamic extremism.

The trip which marked his first official trip outside of the U.S, saw the President, for the first time read a speech from the Teleprompter.

In Saudi Arabia, Trump seemed insecure as he was not privileged to live in his property as it is common place in the U.S, Trump often stays in all his buildings whenever he makes a trip around the United States of America.

In Riyadh, Trump stressed that is a battle between the good and evil, blaming Iran and Saudi Arabia’s rival for instability in the region.

Trump used this speech to deliver a tough message to Arab and Muslim governments, asking them to deal with the ideology that fuels terrorism or they will have to live with it for generations to come.

He went out of his way to avoid the sort of inflammatory language he’s more usually known for. His repeated condemnation of Saudi Arabia’s regional rival Iran will have pleased the Gulf Arab leaders listening.

“Drive them out of this earth,” he told regional leaders in Riyadh, as part of his first official trip abroad.

His speech is seen as an attempted reset with Muslims after his harsh campaign rhetoric stirred concerns in the Islamic world.

Mr Trump had previously suggested that he would be open to creating a database of all the Muslims in the US. and had also called for Muslims to be temporarily banned from entering the US over security concerns.

But, speaking in the Saudi capital to leaders of 55 Muslim-majority countries, Mr Trump called this a “new chapter”, saying he was not there to “lecture” them or impose the American way of life.

The fight against extremism, he added, was not a battle between different faiths: “This is a battle between good and evil”.

“A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists, and drive out the extremists, drive them out of your places of worship, drive them out of your community”.

He also added that the countries could not wait for “American power” to act, and had to “fulfil their part of the burden”.

He singled out Iran for criticism, accusing it of fuelling sectarian conflict and supporting “unspeakable crimes” by the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.


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