CRIME: A Lady Caught Pregnant With Cocaine Wraps In Brazil

A young lady, whose name was not given was on Saturday arraigned in Brazil as she masqueraded with fake pregnancy of 3kg cocaine drugs which she was smuggling.

The culprit who believe that the Police wouldn’t search a pregnant woman, ran out of luck when the officials took a deeper look.

A video shows, this 24-year-old brunette created an elaborate fake bump, which was stuck to her stomach with lengths of tape and then covered with clothes.

It was also alleged that the lady had some volume swallowed up inside the “belly” weighing 3kg of cocaine, local media has reported.

Military police reportedly boarded a bus on the Marechal Rondon highway near Birigui on Wednesday as part of a routine inspection and traced the woman before making her remove the smuggling device.

In the video an armed officer was seen helping her cut the sticky tape as she struggles to detach the “bump”.

She eventually removed the wrap and handed a large package of the drugs to the policeman as seen in the video, and a man travelling with her was reportedly also arrested.

It is not clear what punishment, if any, the pair received.

Five years ago a 20-year-old woman tried to bring 4lb of cocaine through customs by stashing it inside a fake pregnant belly.

This also happened in Brazil, at the international airport in the north-eastern city of Natal, and she too was arrested.


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