Argentines Protest For The Right To Abortion In The Country

Citizens and protesters of Argentine have taken to the street of Buenos Aires to demand the right to legal abortions within the country.

The National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortions and CNDALSG, is making moves to step into Congress and to make the public and authorities aware of current abortion conditions.

The authorities have however themed abortion as illegal and unsafe for the populace, The conditions for which the group protest is to creates a “public health, human rights, social justice and gender equity problem” within the country.

Under current position of the law, women are forced to have abortions under clandestine and often unsafe conditions, putting their health and safety at risk.

Today’s demonstration is part of a two-day event in Buenos Aires dedicated to reproductive rights. These events commemorate and bring awareness to the annual Sept. 28 Day of Decriminalization and Legalization of the Right to Abortions.

Organizers also held a press conference Argentine legislators to discuss their proposed national bill, the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption, to push forward their agenda for legal and safe abortions.

These efforts form part of a larger Latin American effort to decriminalize, destigmatize and ensure safe abortions in the region.

Abortion rights groups gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil to discuss the repression of women’s reproductive rights under the current administration of President Michel Temer.

Lawmakers there have proposed an amendment that would outlaw all abortions. Currently, abortion is legal if it threatens the mother’s life or in instances of rape.

The CNDALSG is one of several social media advocacy groups, like #28S, #GritoGlobal and #AbortoLegal, which includes members from all Latin American countries. They all serve to advocate for women’s access to free, safe and legal abortions in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The U.N. Population Fund reported that eight percent of women’s deaths worldwide are because of unsafe abortions. In Latin America and Africa, roughly 25 percent of all abortions are considered unsafe and performed under substandard conditions.


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