IPOB Morn Lost Members Today Oct 1, As Nigeria Celebrates 57th Independence

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra has sworn to morn other members of the movement who lost their lives during the Military raid.

As Nigeria marks and celebrates her 57th Independence, IPOB members regrets the loss of their colleague which was inflicted by the military arm of Nigeria during the Operation Python Dance, ordered by the Federal Government.

Ugochukwu Nweke, Ebonyi based spokes person for the movement said the group’s intention to make the day a day of mourning of loved ones lost to the raid by the Nigerian Military on their leader Nnamdi Kanu‘s house.

He said people have been instructed to not gather, but to instead go about their normal businesses or stay at home. He said:

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“Which country’s independence are we celebrating? God never created us and called us Nigeria. God created countries and gave them their own separate names. We are Biafrans and we are not participating in anything called Nigeria’s independence.

On October 1, we are not gathering anywhere. People have been advised to go about their normal business or stay in their homes. Every body should wear black.

We are mourning our loved ones. They invaded our houses and killed some of us. Even now they are still hunting and killing our people. They call themselves Operation Python Dance.”


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