Missiles Relocated From Pyongyang In North Korea

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

North Korean missiles are been transported from a rocket facility dedicated to the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles in Pyongyang. New reports states

Unconfirmed and unamed South Korean and US intelligence sources have reportedly detected several missiles being moved from North Korea’s Missile Research and Development Facility at Sanum-dong in northern Pyongyang.

The report does not provide any information on when the transportation occurred or where the missiles have been moved.

However, KBS speculates that amid escalating tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear program, such development could mean that North Korea is preparing to take additional provocative actions.

A source from South Korean Ministry of Defense could not confirm whether there has actually been any suspicious activities in the area mentioned.

South Korea’s military is concerned that North Korea may carry out provocations on October 10, the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the ruling North Korean Worker’s Party.


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