Violence In Cameroon: America Demand Restraint From Further Violence

WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America

The United States is deeply concerned about violence and the loss of human life in protests that have taken place in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon since October 1.

The Cameroonian government’s use of force to restrict free expression and peaceful assembly, and violence by protestors, are unacceptable. We urge the Government of Cameroon to respect human rights and freedom of expression, including access to the internet.

Read: UK Government Calls For Restraint Over Cameroon Violence

We call on all sides to exercise restraint from further violence, and engage in dialogue for a peaceful, durable resolution.

Smart9ja recall that the Anglophone Cameroonians demonstrated on Oct. 1, the day of their independence from Britain, over what it say is ill-treatment and neglect by the predominantly Francophone government of President Paul Biya. Read up here

*U.S. Department of State


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