Crime: FBI Commend The EFCC For Her Role In Tracking $3.7m Business E-mail Compromise

Amechi Colvis Amuegbunam

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI), has commended Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), for its role, dedication and support in bursting a high profile Business E-mail Compromise, (BEC), fraud in Dallas, Texas

The outcome has led to the arrest and eventual conviction of a Nigerian, Amechi Colvis Amuegbunam. FBI acknowledged that the “intelligence obtained by the EFCC and provided to the FBI via Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” was instrumental in identifying the BEC scheme and Amuegbunam’s specific role. .

“The Dallas field Office, Legal Attaché Office, and both the FBI’s Criminal and Cyber Divisions are extremely appreciative of the EFCC as a joint partner in the pursuit of global justice for the many victims of these BEC related crimes,” a statement by FBI read.

Amuegbunam, 30, who was on a student visa in the US, has been sentenced to 46months imprisonment and ordered to pay $615, 555.12 in restitution for his role in BEC scheme that caused $3.7million loss to US companies. .

The convict and other individuals were said to have between November 2013 and August 2015 sent fraudulent emails to companies, containing misrepresentations that caused the companies to wire transfer funds as instructed on a pdf document that was attached to the email.



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