Delta State Governor Okowa Is Not A Leader, He’s After Himself And His Family – Harrysong

Singer Harrysong has condemned the activities of the Nigerian government with particular emphasis on Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa saying he has neglected the citizens involved in massacre and violence.

Harrysong shared a video on his Instagram where he lamented the killings in the state, adding that the governor is ignoring those involved. He wrote:

“I woke this morning highly infuriated and troubled about how much Nigerian politicians have raped this country without a conscience. Even my state Governor, Sen. IFEANYI OKOWA is worse. Aladja and my community, Ogbe Ijaw have been killing themselves for years and OKOWA is rather playing a businessman than a father and not a leader he is meant to be. Come 2019, we need leaders, not politicians.”

In the Video Harrysong stress the need for prayer and the need for leaders as the nation suffers the lack of selfless leaders. “We need to pray, we need leaders, we don’t have leaders in this country, every where in this country there is porverty, people are runnng from frying pan to fire”

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