Allow Me To Explain How It Went Down By Ifeoluwa Ajagbe

It was one of the very hot days in November. The sun was determined that no one would dim its bright, heartfelt smile especially not mere mortals like us. I woke up feeling quite anxious about how the day might end. I know you might want to say, ‘ahan but the day hadn’t even started’. You see, that’s the thing with meeting up with stars (especially musicians). Anything can happen. Happenings ranging from, ‘I totally forgot we were meeting today’, ‘My car developed a fault’ to ‘Ife, I had an accident’ (this is usually a lie!). Then you are left with just three options;

*Get angry and swear (not good for my image)

*Be sympathetic and reschedule.

*Be sympathetic but don’t reach out to the person ever again.

I personally consider options 2 and 3 very mature and now that I am a little older in the business, I resort to option 3 a lot of times especially when I can smell a lie.

So, in spite of the brightness of the morning, I knew that anything could happen. Meanwhile, my stylist and make-up artist, Tope Omole got to work. I have no idea how she copes with me because I wouldn’t allow my eyebrows to be shaped. Frustrating right? I just feel that there must always be a way around it. I trust her but what if she mistakenly cuts me and I start bleeding? I know beauty can be painful but Christ already shed enough blood on the cross. Mine won’t count for much so why bother? The one I really can’t understand is why I should wear lashes when everyone tells me my eyelashes are quite long. Tope and I are still at war over this but I am quite sure that I would emerge victorious. I must confess that I loved my look that morning (she never stops learning something new).

Meanwhile, Laide the cab guy called at 10.00AM to say he was around. He is always early. Who wouldn’t be? He knows that I am a source of good business for him. Speaking of which, I better make good money, buy myself a car soon and stop investing in cabs. Anyway, we boarded the cab and headed to Ikeja. We were mostly against traffic so it was a fairly uneventful ride. The address was clear and not so difficult to find. It was music producer, STO’s studio at 62 Opebi road directly opposite one of the So Fresh outlets. My cameraman, Uche Uwadinachi had arrived much earlier so we took a tour of the building and knocked on every door asking about the recording studio until we found STO himself. Then the waiting began.

I called a number of times but he didn’t pick. Then I sent whatsapp messages which he replied to and apologized for missing my calls. About 30 minutes later, I called again and he said he was on his way but wanted to stop by to get food at The Place. He asked if I would love him to get me food and I was quite quick to say yes. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know. Maybe I wanted some sort of atonement or maybe not since I am not a god. Ife Ajagbe would normally have said, ‘no thank you’ so Tope’s eyes lit up in surprise when I accepted the food ‘sacrifice’ like a god. I thought, ‘why not? I have known him for many years anyway….

Meanwhile, Tope had Parfait plans. Allow me to explain, she has a good idea of ‘living’. Like I said earlier, the studio was directly opposite, So Fresh so after making it clear to her that I had no dime to spend on smoothies that morning, I followed her into the place. What are friends for anyway if not to assist you in fulfilling your money-spending dream? Lol. To be honest, her real reason was so that we would have a place to relax while we waited. The more relaxed and cool I am, the less likely it is that the Make-up she toiled on, would smudge. I ordered smoothies which was a combination of pineapple and watermelon while she ordered… I really don’t know what it is called but I saw youghurt, coconut, and banana.

Her plan worked. The make-up was saved until Lanre Olupona called to say he was around with some of the equipment for the shoot (light and sound) and ready to set up. So we hooked up with him and left for the studio where the recording was to take place. When Lanre and Uche were done, we all started another round of waiting and in fact, I suspect that Tope took a power nap while we were at it.

After a series of whatsapp messages, rapper, designer and businessman, Ruggedman walked in. I guess warmth always does the trick because the already tired room seemed to light up. Or, maybe it was the fact that STO had to power the generator for the recording to start. Either way, our moods went from zero to high when we saw Ruggeddy baba.

After the Hi(s) and Hello(s), we went live on Facebook while Uche and Lanre got the camera and sound rolling. Meanwhile, Spectranet had other plans for us. We could only stream for a few minutes before the network became crappy. I couldn’t cry. After all , I was supposed to be a big girl and a celebrity too! I will tell you where the pain lies. I planned on giving you the premium branded Celeb Stopover mugs and Tees courtesy Pop of Tees, Bowls of exotic soups from Soups ‘N’ More, a free work space (one month) from GCL Hub and a lovely outfit from Marble Stitches. So, it is fair to say that suing my internet service provider crossed my mind and stayed there.

I should probably get a chilled drink so that I don’t start feeling angry all over again. If you are curious about how the conversation with Ruggedman went,


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